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RSS Readers

This list below contains the most popular RSS readers available for each platform.

Mac OS X

NetNewsWire - NetNewsWire Lite is the free version; the 2.0 beta is highly recommended since it supports some of the newer standards

Shrook - provides an interface to RSS feeds modeled after the iTunes application.

PulpFiction - an RSS reader modeled after the Mac mail application.


Feed Reader - a free lightweight RSS reader

Sharp Reader - another free RSS reader, supports some of the newer RSS formats.

Feed Demon - very popular reader, supports many advanced features not found in other readers, commercial software.


akregator - free, very full featured reader, part of the KDE project.

Straw - free, requires the gnome libraries.

krss - free, integrates with KDE easily.

Web Based


Google Reader


All Platforms

The free Firefox browser offers a feature called Live Bookmarks, which allow any RSS feed to be displayed in the browser.
Many portals such as MyYahoo allow you to add an RSS feed to your homepage. This will be displayed in your browser next to the other content on their site.
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